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Updated Information For Fall Enrollment, Deferred Enrollment and Covid Safety Guidelines and Procedures

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Due to Covid Restrictions and the inability to combine sites, we are unable to offer childcare on the following Teacher Work Days:

For San Lorenzo:  All A.T. programs will be closed on Friday, October 8.

For Oakland:  All Adventure Time programs will be closed on Monday, October 11.

Twin Oaks Montessori families,

We will be offering care the week of October 11-28 at our Twin Oaks Montessori site from 7:30-5:30.  If interested in care, please sign up at our parent table on site.

For tuition rates and a credit card payment form: 

Click here for Oakland, Fremont, and Castro Valley schools

Click here for Orinda and San Lorenzo schools

If your child is enrolled for the fall, and you need to change your child's schedule, please pick up a Schedule Change form from Adventure Time at your child's school. 

Submit the form to us in our classroom.  The completed credit card payment form may be emailed to us at: customerservice.adventuretime@gmail.com or dropped off at your child's Adventure Time site. 

To download our Enrollment Packet after you have received confirmation of enrollment, click here.

To view or download our program brochure, please click here.

Information for TK, Kindergarten, and First Grade: 

Our TKs, kindergarteners, and first graders hold a special place in our hearts. We realize there can be a lot of firsts as they join our program.  We, of course, take their safety and well-being very seriously, so we have a few guidelines to help your child get settled in and enjoy our program.

Getting Started:

Please talk to your child about our two basic rules at Adventure Time:

  • Always stay where a teacher can see them

  • Ask for help when they need it.

  • Kindly provide your child with a standard size backpack, water bottle, school supplies, and a change of clothes in a resealable bag.

  • Make sure their names are on all of their belongings.

  • Let your child know that A.T. staff will be wearing yellow vests so your child can easily find them.

  • TKs, kindergarteners, & first graders will be wearing A.T. neon wristbands for the first few weeks of school. This is to help A.T. staff easily identify your child and also let their school teacher know that they are enrolled at Adventure Time.  These wristbands will be provided for you at your A.T.  Children are rewarded with stickers for wearing their wristbands and turning them in when they are picked up.  This also gives us an opportunity to meet you and share something about your child’s day.  Please don’t forget to bring and show A.T. staff your I.D. at pick up. 

  • Our TKs, and kindergarteners, will be provided with, and are asked to wear, a yellow vest, (much like A.T. staff’s) while attending A.T. for the first few months of the school year or for however long it is deemed necessary.  This helps A.T. staff pay closer attention to children as they are learning the rules, boundaries, and also when they are playing outdoors.  Vests are to be taken home, returned each day, and laundered as needed.  


On Your Child’s First Day:

  • Please submit a recent picture of your child with their name written on the back, along with the Enrollment Packet on their first day of attendance. Enrollment packets will be available on this website soon.  Please check back before the first day of school.

  • Stop by your A.T. site in the morning of the first day of school, so you and your child can meet the staff and pick up wristbands.  

  • Verify your child’s schedule and room number.  We also recommend letting your child’s school teacher know that your child is enrolled at Adventure Time.

  • If applicable, drop off your child's emergency medication and complete the necessary paperwork.    


Meal Times:

While with us, TKs and kindergartners are escorted to and from their classroom, served a morning and afternoon snack and may or may not have access to buying a school lunch.  Please check with A.T. staff if purchasing school lunch is an available option for your child’s schedule. 

We understand the importance of your child eating their lunch while they are with us.  Please note that we cannot force your child to eat but we will do our best to encourage them to do so.   If your child does not finish their lunch during the scheduled time, we will encourage them to eat their leftovers at our “Snack Time” and/or at our “4:00 Snack from Home” time.  Children are always given the option to eat our snacks, their own snacks, and/or their leftover lunch at our scheduled snack times.  If a child does not like something in their lunch, we encourage them to take it home and let their parents know.

Other helpful ideas:

  • If you’re able, please send your child with lunch from home for the first few days.

  • Send lots of healthy choices that you know your child enjoys.

  • Please do not send your child with a glass water bottle or food container.

  • Check with your Adventure Time program regarding their peanut product policy.  Some sites have a strict “No Peanut” policy.

  • Check with staff to see if warming up your child’s lunch is an available option.

  • Please note on teacher work days and holidays, your child must bring a lunch from home and there is no option to warm up food.  We also have a “No Peanut” policy on these days.

  • Talk directly with your Site Director regarding any dietary concerns.

  • Please make sure your child is dressed in clothes that they can play in, get a little dirty and have some fun!

Safety Preparations 

We follow the safety guidelines of the CDC, the county health departments, and the school districts. 

Adventure Time is a great place for kids! Adventure Time is a before and after school day care program located on elementary school campuses for children in grades T-K and Kindergarten through 6, licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. There are twenty-five different locations in six Bay Area cities, and we are growing all the time!

Adventure Time provides activities for children before and after school in the areas of arts, crafts, sports, games, music, dance, drama, cooking, academic enrichment, and help with homework as well as high quality extended day care in a safe, nurturing environment. Activities are centered around bi-weekly themes. Children also have the opportunity for relaxation and quiet activities after being in school all day. We have a daily schedule which allows for spontaneity and the varying individual needs of the children.

Adventure Time Extended Day Care fulfills a real need both in terms of enrichment activities and extended day care. We provide a place where children can learn and play in a well-organized but flexible environment before and after school. Activities are designed to promote the creative and social development of the children. Particular emphasis is placed on the building and reinforcement of a positive self-image and the positive expression of cooperative feelings in a group situation. The outdoor motor skills program is an essential part of Adventure Time with emphasis on team effort and good sportsmanship.

This website provides information about Adventure Time's program, Adventure Time's Policies, information about how to apply for an Adventure Time program at your school if you do not already have one, and summer day camp. Thanks for taking the time to explore our web site, and feel free to send messages, suggestions, or questions to us via e-mail on our "contact" page. You may also call us at: 510-658-7412.

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