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All of our teachers are college/university trained and experienced in working with young children.  All staff members meet or exceed the licensing requirements of the California Department of Social Services.  Although the staff to child ratio varies throughout the day, the maximum ratio is one to fourteen.

During the times of the day when only T-K and kindergarten children are in the program, we have a greater ratio of teachers to students, usually one to ten.  Teachers receive daily supervision and training from Adventure Time Director, Mimi Albert, and Program Supervisor, Jayjay Nagayo.  Neil Tuller is the Executive Administrator and Founder of Adventure Time Extended Day Care.



Mimi Albert received her B.A. degree from San Diego State University in Recreation Systems Management.  Mimi has worked as the Site Director for Adventure Time at Bay Elementary School and as Program Supervisor and Senior Program Supervisor at Adventure Time before her current position as Director.  Mimi has worked with Adventure Time for over 30 years.


Program Supervisor

Jayjay Nagayo received her M.A. degree from San Francisco State University in Early Childhood Education.  She has been a Site Director and Early Childhood Specialist with Adventure Time at Brookvale Elementary School for over 15 years before her current position as Program Supervisor.


Founder / Executive Administrator

Neil Tuller holds a California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and A.B. Degree from the University of California, Berkeley.  Neil has served on the Advisory Council of Lawrence Hall of Science at U.C. Berkeley.  He taught in the Albany Unified School District before founding Adventure Time in 1984.

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