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Summer Camp Activities



Based on science curriculum and learning kits developed by Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California Berkeley, our hands-on science program provides age appropriate science exploration, experiments, and surprises!  A fun program your child will love.

Our science curriculum emphasizes observation, analysis, and deduction.  Using hands-on materials, students will explore  concepts and practical applications in a stimulating learning environment.  Our science specialist teacher encourages curiosity, questioning, and discovery.  For some activities and experiments, children will be divided by grade level. Our emphasis is on learning and fun! 

Some of the areas of science we will be exploring this summer are:

Introduction to Science 

Build a barometer, discover how a magnifying glass enlarges, learn how static electricity attracts, investigate air pressure and hovercraft, write secret messages

Introduction to Engineering

​Experiment with levers, forces, and pulleys; build a race car or wind-up car; make a parachute, glider, helicopter, sailboat, or paddle boat. 


Build circuit loops, light up bulbs, spin motors and pinwheels, test which materials best conduct electricity

Falling and Flying

Learn about air resistance by designing, building, and testing parachutes and air powered rockets; fly a glider; lift off rockets; build a balloon jet 

The Human Body

​Young scientists will bend bones, make joints, map taste buds, measure lung capacities and heart rates, create a human body poster



Our young crime lab and mystery detectives will do experiments and practice inquiry skills while they investigate and develop explanations based on their findings.

Waste Not (Recycling)

 Learn where our trash comes from, how it decomposes, and how to make good decisions about environmental issues that affect the earth

Bubble Science

 Learn about surface tension and formation of bubbles, how soap changes water, blow and measure bubbles of different dimensions


Explore and create magnetic tricks and inventions while observing and experimenting with the properties of magnets​


Predators and Prey

​​Discover surprising connections between predators and prey in their natural habitats through observation and audio visual experiences

Creative Arts

Art Fun

Our daily workshops include classes and workshops in arts, crafts, music, drama, theater production, and cooking.  In our "Artist's Studio" workshop, children will express themselves as they are taken, step-by-step, into the world of creativity.  Children may be cartooning, making ceramics, drawing, and making large paper mache pieces.  Throughout the day, children have multiple options and choices of activities.  They are free to join any of the group activities based on their interests and skill levels.  All children are encouraged to develop their creativity in a positive, supportive environment with teacher guidance and involvement. 

Every Friday, the children become cooks and make their own lunches.  Assisting with Chef's Days, the children in our "Kitchen Kapers" workshop will create, learn techniques, and eat their way to culinary fun.  On our Friday Chef's Days, we provide all the food for the lunches.  Mondays through Thursdays, please send a lunch with your child.  We provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks.

Good sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership!  These are the qualities we emphasize in our Summer Day Camp sports and games program.  Our sports program this summer includes activities by our physical education specialist teachers.  Your child will love our challenging sports and games program!  The emphasis this summer is a focus on team building and cooperation, including dance and music from many cultures, and demonstrating and integrating the physics behind sports. Cooperative based games and non-elimination games will be featured as well as gross motor development and skills and hand-eye coordination.

Some of the themes and team and skill-building games we will play this summer include:


"Scooter Highway": Scooters, Razor Course, River Ride Team Challenge, and Scooter Transfer


​"What a Racquet Games": Balloon Smash, Monster Badminton, Team Badminton, Tweeze Me, and Office Tennis


"Table Sport Games": Hover Hockey, Carpet Bocce, Table Curling, Cup Stacking, Carpet Hockey, and Team Pong Tac Toe


"Noodle Frenzy Games": Noodle Javelin Game, Noodle Golf, Noodle Mosquito Tag, Noodling Around, and On the Hook


" Parachute Frenzy Games": Parachute Farm, Keep It Up Air Floaters, Parachute Team Volley, Defying Gravity, and Getting Juggy With It


...and some other games like: Atomic Transfer, Toxic Waste, Dinosaur Egg Transfer, Team Pole Catch, Tube Balance, Robot Writer, and Human Ladder


In addition to our on-site sports program, children will enjoy swimming at some of the summer sites.  When children swim, teachers join them in the pool to ensure a fun, safe experience.


Sports & Games

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