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Summer Camp Workshops

Workshops in the creative arts and sports are offered daily in a variety of exciting subjects and vary by school site.  Some of the workshops offered at our camps this summer are:


Curtain Call Club

Our young actors and actresses will progress from pantomime, through situational "ad lib" and dialogue development to a final, Emmy worth, production!​


Reading Heroes

This children's literature class will promote the joy of reading by experiencing and discussing old classics, as well as popular new author's works, in many genre.  Children's imaginations will be stimulated by heroes and villains of all kinds!




While developing a cookbook, students will learn cooking methods, nutrition, menu planning, and apply math and science principles to some of their yummy favorites.


Global Explorers

Exploring through cooking, art, language, music and dance, we journey around the globe, to explore some of our world's exciting cultures.  Even though they may be on different continents, we'll learn about the similarities, as well as interesting differences, in the lives of children just like you!




The S.T.A.T. Club (Super  Team Adventure Time) athletes will not only acquire the basic skills for success in several team sports, but they will also learn the importance of true teamwork, in a noncompetitive, supportive environment.




Whether through cartooning, ceramics, drawing, or large paper mache' pieces, artists, in this class, will express themselves as they are taken, step-by-step, into the world of creativity.

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